ABS Pipe Diameter Size Comparison Table/Pipe Outer Diameter inch to mm Conversion

Common ABS pipe diameter size comparison table

Nominal Pipe Diameter (DN) / Inch Average Outer Diameter
DN 15 1/2″ 20 mm
DN 20 3/4″ 25 mm
DN 25 1″ 32 mm
DN 32 1-1/4″ 40 mm
DN 40 1-1/2″ 50 mm
DN 50 2″ 63 mm
DN 65 2-1/2″ 75 mm
DN 80 3″ 90 mm
DN 100 4″ 110 mm
DN 125 5″ 140 mm
DN 150 6″ 160 mm
DN 200 8″ 200 mm

# For reference only. Please refer to the actual measurement for pipe diameter.

ABS pipe diameter size conversion and comparison

The nominal diameters of ABS pipes are often expressed in inches or DN. For example: DN 100 is a 4″ (inch) pipe. Standard pipe diameters comes with corresponding average outer diameter and approximate inner diameter, which are marked in mm. When determining the nominal pipe diameter, first measure the outer diameter of the pipe, and then use the above comparison table to find out the nominal pipe diameter of the pipe.

For example, if you want to convert a ABS pipe with an outer diameter of 89 mm, you can compare it to DN 80, or a 3″ (inch) pipe.

Measuring the diameter of ABS pipes

When measuring the diameter of ABS pipes, for smaller sizes, you can use a caliper to directly measure the outer diameter of the pipe and then convert it to the nominal pipe diameter. If the pipe diameter is too large and there is no suitable caliper, you can also use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the pipe, and then divide it by 3.14 to get the approximate pipe diameter. Example: A ABS pipe with a circumference of 839 mm should be a DN 250 or 10″ pipe.

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