About us


We have been deeply cultivating the Taiwanese market under our brand Y-Tech, supplying high-quality and reliable products to various domestic industry partners.

All our products undergo testing by third-party inspection organizations, and their performance and durability have been widely recognized and praised by the industry. Our customers span across Taiwan.

Industry Achievements:

Cable Manufacturers: Huarong, Daya, Dashan, Hongtai, Datong, Hsin Lih Hwa, Pacific Steel Structure Plants: China Steel, CSC Steel, Chun Yuan Shipbuilding Yards: CSBC, Ching Fu, CSBC Corporation, Sanyang Cement Plants: Taiwan Cement, Asia Cement, Universal Cement Food Factories: Tong Ching, various breweries Chemical Plants: Kuochi, KuoJinghua, Formosa Plastics Government Agencies: Military Arsenal, Navy, Water Treatment Plants… and many more.

We aspire that our products bring new ideas to customers, enhancing both design and construction methods. With this attitude, as we progress forward, we hope to collaborate with industry partners to mutually create the future.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for quotes and inquiries. We will ensure that you receive the most satisfactory service.

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