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Y-Tech 止漏管夾 送水管彎頭實績圖
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Zero use of recycled rubber. Top-notch lifespan and sealing performance!

Still fixing leaking pipes the “old and traditional” way?

止漏管夾 / 傳統管線修補方式,用輪胎內胎以及膠布

Try the Y-Tech Repair Pipe Clamps for a super fast and easy experience!

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 修補示範圖

Why you should use the Y-Tech Repair Pipe Clamps

Compared to traditional methods, using Y-Tech Repair Pipe Clamps for pipeline repairs can save up to 90% of time and over 60% of costs.

Repair MethodTraditional Method (Mild leakage)Traditional Method (Severe leakage)Y-Tech Repair Pipe Clamps

Steps Required

ShutdownShutdownInstall pipe clamp with wrench
Drain liquidDrain liquid
sealant injection
Cutting and replacing pipe
Welding new pipe
Time RequiredHalf a dayHalf to full day5 mins
Labor1 ~ 2 persons, welders required1 ~ 2 persons, welders required1 person, no training required
CostsLoss from shutdown, labor, welding material, welding machineLoss from shutdown, labor, new pipe, welding material, welding machinePipe clamp only
DurabilityDepneds on quality of work. Leakage might reoccur if handled poorlyDepneds on quality of work. Leakage might reoccur if handled poorly15 ~ 20 years minimum

No shutdown required for pipe replacement or welding. Repairs can be done in 5 minutes using only wrenches.

How do you want your pipes repaired?

1. Rough and unreliable welding

1. Rough and unreliable welding


2. Patented technology specifically developed to fix pipe leakage

Leaked liquid flows to both sides of the rubber, creating pressure and sealing the pipe clamp downward.

2. Patented technology specifically developed for pipe leakage

Installation can be completed as fast as 30 seconds with only a wrench

Suitable for small seepage or large-scale leaks. No subsequent leakage after installation guaranteed.

Small seepage (pre-installation)

Small seepage (post-installation)

Large leakage (pre-installation)

Large leakage (post-installation)

7 reasons why you should choose Y-Tech

1. Industry-Leading Brand: The foremost brand in the industry, known for our stable and reliable quality. Safety and durability are unmatched, far superior to low-cost, inferior products from mainland China.

2. High-Quality Rubber Lining: Utilizes high-quality rubber lining, with absolutely no use of recycled rubber. Number one in terms of lifespan and sealing performance.

3. High Visibility and Approval: Widely recognized and approved by major enterprises across Taiwan.

4. Comprehensive Product Range and Sizes: The most extensive selection of items and sizes, with the fastest delivery available—free of charge the next day.

5. High Pressure Resistance: Capable of withstanding pressures exceeding 40 kg/cm².

6. Versatility: Suitable for use with strong acids, alkalis, fluids at various temperatures, and gases.

7. Excellent Quality at Affordable Prices: Outstanding quality combined with reasonable pricing.

Y-Tech helps solve your problem instead of createing a new one!

SGS certified reports show no leakage under 40 kg/cm² pressure with Y-Tech connect pipe clamps !

If you are involved in plumbing or maintenance and find yourself in an area where hot work welding repairs are not feasible, or where stopping the production line for maintenance is not an option, dealing with damaged or leaking pipelines can be a nightmare.

Y-Tech high-quality repair pipe clamps are easy to install and user-friendly. They can be easily installed with a wrench, without the need to dismantle the existing pipeline. Moreover, they are reusable, serving as a great aid in saving time and costs.

These pipe clamps are versatile and compatible with various pipe materials, including stainless steel, iron, copper, PVC, and ABS, with specifications available for different pipe diameters.

Our leak-stopping pipe clamps can handle fluids with strong acids, strong bases, and extreme temperatures. They are widely used in pipelines for water, gas, compressed air, steam, powder, oil, chemicals, and more.

Specialized models are available for straight pipes, curved pipes, and threaded connections!

If you have any questions regarding pipe diameters, feel free to contact us for further information.

SGS Certified Products

Not your typical made in China low-quality products!

Designated partner of industry leading companies and trusted for our quality and effectiveness .

Installation Process

Many pipe clamps on the market are low-cost and low-quality products made in China, and is prone to re-leak in a short period.

All public institutions and government tenders in Taiwan have explicitly prohibited the use of pipe clamps manufactured in mainland China for bidding.

Clients complain pipe clamps bought elsewhere are hard to use and leaking after only a short period.

Unscrupulous companies often mix inferior products from China with others. How can you distinguish them?

Y-Tech: clear labeling

Clearly label the pressure tolerance, applicable pipe sizes, and rubber specifications.

China: no labeling

Unable to determine the pressure tolerance and rubber type.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 與他牌標示差異比較

Y-Tech: weld points deep and tight

Robust structure use with confidence even under high fluid pressure.

China: weld points shallow and sparse

Weak structure prone to break under pressure.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 與他牌焊點差異比較

Y-Tech: thick rubber

Thick rubber provides excellent sealing, and does not leak even under high pressure or prolonged use.

China: thin rubber

Thin rubber which cannot withstand high pressure or prolonged use.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 與他牌橡膠厚度差異比較

Y-Tech: rubber has excellent elasticity.

Rubber will not deform after compression, ensuring good sealing and can be reused without issues.

China: rubber loses elasticity after use

Rubber is prone to deform after compression and will not return to original shape, impossible for repeated use.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 與他牌橡膠彈性差異比較

Y-Tech: non-slip screw head

Screw heads come with special anti-slip patterns, ensuring a firm grip and convenient installation .

China: no anti-slip design

No anti-slip patterns; prone to slip when tightened by hand, making installation very inconvenient.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 與他牌螺絲頭差異比較

Y-Tech: tapered screw tail

Screws tail are tapered, making it easy for insertion and ensuring simple and quick installation.

China: no taper treatment

No tapering; must align with the threads during insertion, making installation difficult.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 與他牌螺絲尾差異比較

Suitable for various types of pipes, including chilled water pipes, fire pipes, chemical pipes and more.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 冰水管實績圖

2" chilled water pipeline

Chilled water pipe in video no longer leaks after repair.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 壓力測試圖

High pressure resistance with no leakage.

Pressure test of 35kg/cm2 or above.

Standard type repair pipe clamp installation example.

6" building fire pipe

Using a standard type repair pipe clamp eliminates the need to stop the flow of fluid or pipe replacement.

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 止漏管夾 消防管線實績圖

1" fire pipe

Standard type repair pipe clamps are widely used on fire pipes.

Elbow type repair pipe clamp installation example

6" water supply pipe

Elbow type pipe clamps are used on curved pipes or at the junctions between curved and straight pipes.

4" to 2" water supply pipe reducer

If the surface has a slight curvature, such as for welded reducers or tee fittings, the elbow type repair clamp can be used.

Socket tyoe repair pipe clamp installation example

1" fire sprinkler pipeline threaded connection

For the threaded connection where the pipe diameters are different at both ends, please use the socket type repair pipe clamp specifically designed for threaded connections.

1" fire sprinkler head threaded connection leakage

Sprinkler head leakage in underground parking lot. Repair pipe clamp is used to quickly stop leaking and prevent water damage on vehicles.

Y-Tech Standard Type Repair Pipe Clamps

止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 一般型 止漏管夾 產品圖
Standard Type
止漏管夾 / Y-Tech 加長型 止漏管夾 產品圖
Standard Type Long


1. Locate point of leakage.
2. Apply pipe clamp.
3. Tighten the pipe clamps.

Y-Tech Elbow Type Repair Pipe Clamps

Elbow Type


1. Locate point of leakage.
2. Apply pipe clamp.
3. Tighten the pipe clamps.

Y-Tech Socket Type Repair Pipe Clamps

Socket Type


1. Locate point of leakage.
2. Apply pipe clamp.
3. Tighten the pipe clamps.

Structure and material

Rubber Type Characteristics


  • Aging-resistant, ozone-resistant, electrical-resistant
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 120°C
  • Suitable for: water, air, powder, alkalis


  • Oil-resistant, wear-resistant, aging-resistant
  • Operating temperature: -25 to 100°C
  • Suitable for: oil, gas, water


  • Heat-resistant, resistant to harsh environments
  • Operating temperature: -70 to 250°C
  • Suitable for: hot water, steam



  • Chemical-resistant, resistant to pharmaceuticals
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 250°C
  • Suitable for: acids, chemicals


What is the durability/lifespan of the pipe clamp?

Under normal operating conditions, the durability/lifespan of the pipe clamp can reach 15 to 20 years or more.

Are pipe clamps reusable?

Yes they are reusable.

Any special treatment required If the leak is at a weld joint?

Generally, it is possible to install directly at the weld joint, but if the weld joint is significantly raised, it may require grinding for smooth installation. If uncertain, please consult with our sales representative.

How do I select the required specifications?

Please measure the outer diameter of the pipe you intend to use and visit the repair pipe clamp specification page to select the appropriate specifications. If you are unsure about the specifications, you can consult directly with our sales representative.

What are your region of sales?

Currently we are able to provide service and free international shipping to the following countries and regions: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No. There is no minimum order quantity.

When is the earliest possible delivery date?

Product will be shipped on the day of orde if stick is available. Actual delivery date depends on shipping and custom condidtions.

Do I need to pay for shippping?

No. We offer free international shipping to all our sales regions.

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