Socket Type Repair Pipe Clamp Specs

Socket Type

Size Chart

Pipe NDPipe Diameter Range


Socket Diameter Range

Presssure Tolerance

Length (mm)Torque


What is the durability/lifespan of the pipe clamp?

Under normal operating conditions, the durability/lifespan of the pipe clamp can reach 15 to 20 years or more.

Are pipe clamps reusable?

Yes they are reusable.

Any special treatment required If the leak is at a weld joint?

Generally, it is possible to install directly at the weld joint, but if the weld joint is significantly raised, it may require grinding for smooth installation. If uncertain, please consult with our sales representative.

How do I select the required specifications?

Please measure the outer diameter of the pipe you intend to use and visit the repair pipe clamp specification page to select the appropriate specifications. If you are unsure about the specifications, you can consult directly with our sales representative.

What are your region of sales?

Currently we are able to provide service and free international shipping to the following countries and regions: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No. There is no minimum order quantity.

When is the earliest possible delivery date?

Product will be shipped on the day of orde if stick is available. Actual delivery date depends on shipping and custom condidtions.

Do I need to pay for shippping?

No. We offer free international shipping to all our sales regions.

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